With his stint as the young James Bond in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig really solidified himself in the movie-going consciousness-at-large. Now, after taking on the early, burgeoning days of 007, Craig is heading a flick about the end of things (or at least the tedium of years gone by) in Flashbacks of a Fool, which Erik Davis posted about last month. The feature debut of music video director Baillie Walsh, Flashbacks is about an aging movie star named Joe Scott, played by Craig, who returns to his English hometown when his childhood best friend dies. The visit incites flashbacks of his youth, especially one summer tragedy "that changed his life forever."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig has got two new co-stars in Harry Eden and Angie Ruiz. The 17-year-old Eden, who played Artful Dodger in Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist will play the younger Joe Scott, and Angie Ruiz's part has not been named. You might recognize her from her uncredited stint as the banana-eating girl in 40 Days and 40 Nights, or from her role in the abysmal Joel Silverman comedy Surf School (you know a movie is crappy when it gets a 1.1/10 user rating on IMDb). Or, maybe you won't recognize her at all. Considering the fact that the site calls the movie a "coming-of-age indie," I presume that Eden will be in it just as much, if not more, than aging character Craig plays. Unless they are re-defining "coming-of-age." The movie is currently in production, and will shoot in England and South Africa.
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