I recently alerted you to a little horror film brewing up with the super-scary name, Pearblossom -- a flick about a woman tapped by the creator of the universe to "devour evil, and thereby gain eternal life." Grindhouse babysitter twin Electra Avellan was added to the cast, joining Scout Taylor-Compton (the next Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween). Now Dread Central has a handful of other castmates (who have either signed or are in talks) and a bit more about the plot for writer/director Ron Carlson's first horror feature.

As with almost any horror movie, you have to increase the sex appeal with beautiful women. The females in question for Pearblossom, who are totally doomed if Carlson is following convention, are Sophie Monk, who had a role in Click and is July's Stuff cover girl, and Angela Lindvall, the model/actress who played Flicka in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. To even this estrogen the following guys are also on the list -- Charles Napier, who is usually in the military or man-of-the-law type in a slew of films, Danny Woodburn (Employee of the Month) and Patrick Renna, who was just in the horror-thriller Dark Ride.

So, these actors are all coming together for the devouring evil thing, but Carlson's latest description says nothing about the evil-eating: "The film is about a lesbian couple that departs a New Years Eve party in 1968 and meets the creator of the universe while driving the Pearblossom Hwy. It is there where they are put to rest for 40 years and wake New Years Day, 2009. It is about their first 24 hours of survival as these reborn creatures." I assume that in their reborn state, one of them chomps on the bad guys, and I'd imagine that Taylor-Compton and Avellan will be the lovers. This movie could be quite interesting or a huge mess, but I've got to give Carlson props for an interesting premise.
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