As Erik Davis posted yesterday, the fourth installment of the Saw franchise has completed filming, and now Movieweb has posted a teaser poster. The fact that it doesn't conform to the normal dimensions of a movie poster should make it pretty noticeable, as will the images of the blood-covered surgical instruments that remind me a bit of that scene following The Joker's botched plastic surgery in Tim Burton's Batman. The poster shows the gore-soaked implements on a square plate flanked by silverware. The only things missing are some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

The Saw movies have shown quite a bit of showmanship/gimmickry with previous ad campaigns, including mixing a vial of star Tobin Bell's blood with the printer's ink for a limited run of posters to promote Saw III. A poster design for Saw II that used two severed fingers to represent the Roman numeral in the title failed to get approval from the MPAA which, intentional or not, probably generated a lot of word of mouth. All of the Saw movies have also sponsored blood drives to coincide with their respective release dates, with posters for the Saw III drive upsetting the folks at the American Red Cross by using their well-known (and trademarked) symbol. Given the odd dimensions and the content of this new poster, I wouldn't be surprised to see promotional placemats given out at some point. Saw IV will be splattering all over theaters on October 26.
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