So guess who's coming to Smallville? No, it won't be Brandon Routh aimlessly searching for the set of the next Bryan Singer-helmed Superman flick ("Hey Brandon, I heard it was over there -- just stop when the sign says 2012"). Nope, instead the CW network has announced that Supergirl will join the cast of Smallville as it heads into its seventh season, and will make her first appearance (as Kara, Clark's cousin) in the premiere episode. Sweet! Now I just need to actually watch Smallville. The role isn't cast yet (so we can't start dissecting the actress, debating whether she's a good fit or not), but I'll bet the bank folks will be watching to see if she tests well in hopes Supergirl can return to the big screen one day.

Apparently, the writers will be sticking with Supergirl's original storyline; how she was born on Krypton as daughter to Zor-El, Jor-El's brother. If I remember correctly, in the comics Zor-El sends Supergirl to earth after the people in her city (which somehow managed to survive the initial explosion) are killed off by Kryptonite. Not sure if they'll go that route, but one of the cool things (for you fans of the show) is that Kara will come to earth with the ability to fly, which is something Clark has not developed yet. Upon arriving in Smallville, Kara will butt heads with Clark, develop a little "thing" with Jimmy Olsen and draw attention from Lex. As Zap2it points out, Supergirl will not be the first DC character to make an appearance on the show; in previous episodes Green Arrow, Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg and Braniac all showed up in some capacity. Since I don't watch the show, I can't geek out with you on this one, but the whole Supergirl thing seems like a cool addition. What do you fans think: Is Supergirl's appearance a good or a bad thing for the show?