The DVD specs for Vacancy were just announced, and if the info over at DVDactive is correct (and I see no reason why it's not), then it looks like the DVD will include an alternate opening sequence. What's up with that? I'm not even sure I've ever seen such a thing on a DVD before (although, knowing me, I'm probably wrong and will wait to hear you readers spew out all sorts of titles in which this sort of thing has been done), but even so I can't imagine what an "alternate opening sequence" would look like for Vacancy. Does it include Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale checking into a Marriott, only they realize they don't have enough points for a room so they opt to go the snuff motel route instead? And should something like an alternate opening sequence make us want to buy the DVD even more? "Oohh, maybe they used a different font for the opening credits -- please let it be Times New Roman; that would be wicked sweet!"

The DVD will hit streets on August 14, and comes with a suggested retail price of $28.95 (with a Blu-ray version being offered for $38.96). Some of the other extras included are: Checking In: The Cast & Crew of Vacancy behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes (which include the aforementioned alternate opening sequence) and "some extended snuff films." I absolutely love that last part, don't you? I'm actually curious to see if, on the back of the DVD, it actually says, "Extended snuff films!!!" And then I want to watch some guy tell his girlfriend (following a date night viewing of Vacancy) to sit tight because the DVD includes extended snuff films. And then I want to take a picture of the look on her face, as well as record the subsequent phone conversation between said girlfriend and her mother. "Yes, he really wanted to watch the snuff films. Should I be worried?" DVDactive has a bigger picture of the DVD artwork in case you're interested, and for those who watched Vacancy in the theater, do chime in and let us know what you make of the whole alternate opening sequence thing.