Ah Captivity, the plucky yet controversial little movie that announced its upcoming release with some billboards that a few people found objectionable, bounced back pretty well with some new art and the rest of the goodies that go into a promotional campaign for a film like this. And although its release date seems to jump around a bit -- now July 13th if you're keeping score at home -- the film has still managed to generate quite a bit of buzz inspite of, or due to, the controversy. Previously when we gave you info about this Elisha Cuthbert starrer in which she's basically imprisoned and abused for ninety minutes, we were able to relate some of the exciting plot details and give you a look at the first one-sheet for the film.

Now, thanks to Cinemablendwe can share with you a brand new trailer for the film fresh from the minds at After Dark Films. This time the trailer makes the film look less like a rip-off of Hostel, as they rightly point out at the site, and more like the latest in a series of Saw clones hoping to cash-in on the horror hype. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch Elisha Cuthbert do almost anything for ninety minutes but I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of all the torture in horror movies these days. Who knows, maybe Roland Joffe' knows something I don't know and Captivity will end up a masterpiece and become a classic of the horror genre. I hope it does, but I kinda doubt it.
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