Yesterday night, I was at the Worldwide Short Film Fest Gala, and one of the speakers talked about the prowess needed to tell a whole story in such a short period of time. You've got to fit a whole movie into one short blip, and make people care. But have you ever wondered if one of those long, dreary movies could all be said in the space of an instant? Take Die Hard -- you have to sit through all that action, intrigue, suspense and comedy. Who wants that? Okay, anyone up for Bruce Willis and an action-filled good time as he fights the pre-Severus Alan Rickman, but we can still enjoy the movie condensed.

Starz has posted a "Bunny Club Exclusive" -- animated bunnies acting out Die Hard in 30 seconds. It's got all the requisite bits... and here is where I warn you that if you haven't seen the film and are on some decades-old plan to see it, you should probably stop reading now. There's the body crashing into Sgt. Powell's car, the silencing of Harry Ellis, the yippie-kay unedited (and probably your last bit of new media to be that way, since the new sequel is PG-13), McClane explosions, FBI explosions, the discovery that it's all just a robbery and of course, the slow, falling death of Hans Gruber. But the best part is probably the end, where they wrap up the film in just over a blink of an eye, with all the important ass-kickery included. If you liked this, and haven't seen the bunnies before, there's a bunch of other spoofs you can check out. Napolean Dynamite is coming next month, and they've already got other flicks up. I couldn't seem to load the old ones there, but they're all easily available on the Angry Alien Productions site -- Rocky Horror, Brokeback Mountain, The Shining -- you name it!
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