As previously reported (when it was just a rumor), Variety has officially confirmed that Tom Vaughan has replaced Julian Farino (Entourage) as director of What Happens in Vegas for 20th Century Fox, starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz (two people who, honestly, probably belong together in real life). Apparently, scheduling conflicts have interfered with Farino helming the film; instead, he will jump over to the newly-announced The Year of Living Biblically, for Paramount and Plan B. Vaughan is the man responsible for the little-seen, yet enjoyable Starter for Ten, and will direct Vegas off a script written by Dana Fox (The Wedding Date).

Our plot here revolves around two strangers (Kutcher and Diaz) who, while in Vegas, get wasted and subsequently get hitched. Not only that, but one of them had also won a jackpot off the other's quarter at some point during the drunken festivities. As expected, while they fight over who should be the rightful owner of said jackpot, they somehow wind up falling in love with another along the way. And yes, as I write this this I'm already wiping away tears of laughter and heartache. Oh Vegas, how can anyone not love you. Kutcher, who at one point was on his way to leading man status, has recently dropped a bit in rank. His last notable role was in last year's The Guardian opposite Kevin Costner, but that flick was as forgettable as Kutcher's TV series Beauty and the Geek. Diaz, on the other hand, is only as popular as the guy she's currently dating, so now that she's single this gal is gonna have to put in some overtime. No word on a release date yet, but I expect we'll be seeing this gamble show up at some point next year.

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