Especially if you're right in the middle of eating lunch. A new Captivity clip has surfaced online, and it features what is probably one of the more disgusting ways I've ever seen a character tortured. Granted, these torture flicks aren't exactly my cup of tea (my stomach is so weak, the kiddie rollercoasters in Disney World scare me), so I'm not exactly the world's leading expert. Now here's where I have to warn you -- this isn't the type of thing you'll want to watch at work or at home unless you feel like grossing out everyone around you. It's pretty sick, and I'm surprised it's being shown online (it doesn't appear to be a leaked scene, so chances are After Dark Films and/or Lionsgate released the scene themselves).

I'm also going to describe the scene for those who want to know what they'll be watching before clicking over, so if you'd rather head in surprised then don't read the following. Basically, Elisha Cuthbert is strapped down to a chair and her captor begins pulling severed body parts out of a refrigerator (perhaps it's a heart, couldn't tell -- I refused to watch it a second time). From there, this dude throws the parts in a blender, mixes it up, shoves a funnel into Cuthbert's mouth and begins to pour the delicious red liquid down her throat. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps he's auditioning for The Next Food Network Star: Torture Edition. The film, which After Dark Films insists is coming out on July 13 (after its release date had been pushed twice), tells of a girl (Cuthbert) who is drugged, kidnapped and taken to some sort of torture chamber. From there it appears she attempts to find a way out, while at the same time trying to live another day. Directed by Roland Joffé, it will be interesting to see how Captivity does at the box office. We all know Eli Roth's Hostel: Part II didn't exactly produce the kind of opening numbers the original shelled out, so if Captivity underperforms then this could spell the end of this torture phase (with the Saw films being the exception). Needless to say, I'm just dying to find out.