If you're a fan of Saturday Night Live, especially under the pen of Tina Fey, you wouldn't need any other reason to see Baby Mama than its stars -- Fey and her old Weekend Update co-anchor, Amy Poehler. But the comedic brew was even further sweetened by Sigourney Weaver, and then the addition of Dax Shepard (Idiocracy). Now The Hollywood Reporter says there are two more to add to the mix -- Greg Kinnear and Maura Tierney. Kinnear, who recently shone as the failing motivator in Little Miss Sunshine, will play the male lead -- the owner of a fresh juice shop who gets close to Fey. Being one of the leads, does this mean she'll end up having a baby with him and giving up her career over love? Ugh, I hope not! Tierney, who just wrapped Semi-Pro, will play another role close to Fey's Kate -- the character's confident sister and mother of two.

If you're fuzzy about the plot -- Mama is about a successful businesswoman (Fey) who wants a child, but not at the expense of her career. To avoid the whole maternity thing, she hires Poehler to be her surrogate, and Weaver's company represents the rented womb. The story seems good and there's a heck of a cast, so I'm feeling pretty psyched about this. However, I am a bit anxious that it's coming from the pen and directorial eye of Michael McCullers -- he's done work on SNL and Austin Powers, but he's also the guy who wrote Undercover Brother with John Ridley. If it's a solid success, I can only hope and imagine that it will become the new SNL-to-movie group, because the Sandler team should really take a break.
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