The old Duchess of Hairdos, Jennifer Aniston, is an interesting woman. She's had some chick-flicky fluff like The Object of My Affection and Along Came Polly, which would be expected from someone who become huge after the sensation what was Friends. Yet, she also has a pretty solid indie trajectory as well. She was weighed down with flare for Office Space, fell for Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl and played a rather weird single girl in Friends with Money. It's almost like she's two different people. But in both her indie and mainstream work, I never thought I'd see her going country.

The latest Aniston news is that she's going to produce and potentially star in a country music flick called Goree Girls. The movie comes from a Texas Monthly article in 2003 by Skip Hollandsworth. It's based on a true story about a group of women who were detained in Texas' Goree Prison during the '40's. While there, they became one of the first all-women country and western musical acts. Margaret Nagle (The Lost Boys of the Sudan) will adapt the story. Before some writing work recently, Nagle was an actress in the late 80's and 90's. (If you watched MSCL, you might remember her as Angela's science teacher.) Before Aniston potentially dons some country apparel, we'll see if one of the other films on her production docket actually makes it to the screen -- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is supposed to come out this September in limited release.
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