Word is coming in that Dan Epstein, known to most of you through his interviews at SuicideGirls.com, has died suddenly, just shy of his 32nd birthday. Strangely, the news hasn't yet been posted at SuicideGirls, but on ComingSoon.net, by Epstein's colleague Ed Douglas. No cause of death has been given -- we're only told that he died "very suddenly and tragically last night." Epstein was a regular on the Manhattan junket circuit and was known for doing long, one-on-one interviews with sometimes unlikely candidates. A good example would be his recent, in-depth interview with Thora Birch, which veered away from the topic of her latest straight-to-DVD film and into her career path at large. There was also a more recent interview with Joe Dante, which bounced around from topics ranging from a possible Gremlins 3 to Dante's thoughts on the diminishing power of directors in today's Hollywood.

Epstein's primary virtue as an interviewer was one that we should all try to emulate -- he seemed to come to the table with an encyclopedic knowledge of whoever he was talking to at that moment, and could follow them on any road they wanted to go down. As a result, his stuff always made for good reading. He leaves behind a wife, Andrea, and by all accounts, a lot of friends in the business.

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