Let me say this right up front: I loved Nancy Drew books when I was a kid, and I have a 10-year-old daughter who loves them just as much now as I did years ago. So ever since it was first announced a Nancy Drew movie was being made, and that it was going to star Emma Roberts (Aquamarine), my daughter and I have been eagerly anticipating the film's release date. I hoped "they" wouldn't mess it up -- it feels sometimes like there's this office full of mysterious "them" out there in Hollywood somewhere, who are paid large salaries to do little more than sit around drumming up ways to screw up potentially good films. Fortunately for the tween set, at whom Nancy Drew is primarily targeted, "they" were apparently otherwise engaged while this film was being developed, because it's pretty darn good.

I'd wondered how the filmmakers would handle bringing Nancy Drew into 2007 --after all, this is the teen detective who sleuths while wearing neatly-pressed dresses and polished penny loafers, and whose sometime-boyfriend, the wholesome and sporty Ned Nickerson, wishes his gal would rather bake pies than solve mysteries. Nancy's transition to the 21st century was actually handled rather deftly: the film is set in today, but Nancy, whose mother died when she was a baby, lives in the past. She makes her own nifty-looking clothes from her mother's old dress patterns (look for Nancy's nifty retro look to be a new fashion trend with the tween and teen set if this film really hits big), drives a sporty, powder-blue vintage roadster, and keeps her sleuthing stuff organized in a handy kit complete with a silver tin for carrying around homemade lemon bars and blondies (all the better for bribing bureaucrats when you need to get at confidential information).

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