The band Tool is currently on the road for their latest disc, 10,000 Days. Intermingled with touring and performing, it seems that the band is discussing the possibility of a band film. According to Reuters/Billboard, the band's guitarist Adam Jones says that they've been discussing the idea, and "It has to be a collective thing as far as the band members. Everyone has to be very happy and it has to be done in a way where people would see integrity and hard work and not just something thrown together or home movies or some sh--y filmed live show." The idea has been brewing for a while, and could pop up at any moment, but it will depend on the right backer.

Jones also says: "There's that selfish quality of what we want versus what everyone else wants. But I think at the end of the day if we get what we want, it's reflective in what other people see in that." This is probably why they're searching for the right backer -- they've definitely got a unique vision, if you've ever checked out any of their videos. Since Jones is behind many of them, what does he foresee? "If I had my way, it would be a narrative story in a surreal fashion with as much money and special effects we could throw at it. I think some of the other guys would like to do pockets of all that or something that's live or we're playing. It's just talk right now." It might just be talk, but it's definitely chatter with some seriously entertaining visual possibilities -- presumably with more of Jones' stop-motion. Are you ready for some big-screen Tool cinema?
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