No, this is not a sequel of Stephen Dorff's The Power of One (please don't get any ideas, desperate filmmakers!). However, it is another inspiring sports story and a positive turn in China's journey toward the upcoming Beijing Olympics. In February, I posted about the turmoil Lost in Beijing was going through to get beyond Chinese censors. Fang Li, the film's producer, said the strange censor requests were part of the country's plan to show China as clean and stable for the Olympic Games. It wasn't quite the best plan of action to amp up China's allure, but this plan seems much better.

Lensing has already started on a propaganda film called The One -- complete, feel-good fare. The movie will details the first Chinese competitor in the Olympic Games -- Liu Changchun. (The first Olympian, Ha Haohua was injured before he could compete and had to attend as a spectator only.) As the story goes, after Japan invaded China, there was a plot to send Changchun to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics in the name of the puppet regime, Manchukuo. A General, Zhang Xueliang, exposed the scheme and sponsored the athlete himself. Li Zhaolin will star as Changchun -- he's actually an amateur sprinter who studied acting. The film will screen early next year and be shown to athletes attending the Games.
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