There's a film coming out in Korea in a week called Never Forever -- with a New York City release planned for this December. Although the film is in English, and stars The Departed actress Vera Farmiga, news stateside has been relatively lax. However, you might want to check it out. The film, which is described as the first Korean-American joint project, premiered at Sundance this year, and has gotten some pretty solid reviews. While many seem to cite a soap-opera element, the film's achievements seem to make it palatable. Twitch has got a small write-up of the piece with links to some of the film's reviews.

Basically, the movie is about Farmiga's character, a woman who is trying to have a child with her husband (David McInnis), but he is sterile. Distraught, he tries to kill himself and she goes a different route -- she finds an illegal immigrant and offers him a job in an attempt to save her marriage and have a baby. If he has regular sex with her, he'll get $300 for each session, plus $30,000 if she conceives. Obviously, it's the sort of scheme that's doomed. As Variety Asia describes it: "as Sophie finds herself drawn to her partner, Never Forever gets at the basic but profound truth that nothing so complicate can ever be reduced to something so simple." You can check out stills and video clips here, but be warned -- you'll have to navigate through mass question marks and Korean lettering, and it looks like the videos are members only. If anyone has come across an easily-accessible trailer, please throw up a link!
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