What appear to be the first pics from the still-under-construction Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods (aka Indiana Jones 4) set have just popped online. Taken from the Universal lot, the pics seem to show the entrance to some sort of cave, with what looks like the symbol of a golden lion welcoming visitors to a place where I'm sure Indiana Jones and his cohorts will eventually wind up. Could this be one of the temples where Indy goes searching for a crystal skull, as previously reported? Who knows. What I do know is that if I were you, I'd get ready for lots more Indiana Jones in the coming weeks. From what I hear, every movie site known to man is currently prepping for a pilgrimage up to New Haven, Connecticut at the end of this month where Steven Spielberg will be shooting some sort of chase scene through the streets and across the Yale campus. All we know right now is that Harrison Ford will be present, so chances are pics of the 60 year-old action star will begin flooding the internet in no time. (Personally, I want one of him going to the bathroom ... with the classic Indy hat still on!)

It's also been recently reported that filming will take place in Deming, New Mexico where, apart from dressing some locations up to pass as Morocco, it appears folks are also turning the Deming air strip into Nevada's Nellis Air Force Base. Not only is Nellis close to Area 51, but it was also a testing site for nuclear missiles back in the 50s. What does Indy have to do with Nellis? Why is he there? By the time the film finally comes out on May 22, 2008, I'm sure we'll have all those answers and more. Ah spoilers, what would we do without them?

*Like every other site, we got duped on this -- the pics turned out to be from National Treasure 2. If you can't trust a shady Czech website, who can you trust?

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