If you're one of those people who have been itching for more fan-food about 30 Days of Night, this should please you. A ton of pictures have been released for the film -- an appropriate 30 to be exact. Lots of stills action to go through. While it's pretty much a still-by-still account of the great trailer that Scott alerted us to the other day, their resolution is high enough to get a closer look at all of the scenes contained within. There's the usual terror and crying of any horror movie, and of course, an ominous axe. There are good shots of Josh Hartnett and Melissa George (Camilla Rhodes from Mulholland Drive), a Buffy-esque brow-wrinkly Joel Tobeck and an incarcerated, vampiric Ben Foster (Angel from X-3). Don McKellar fans might also recognize Mark Rendall in there -- the kid who played Taylor Brandon Burns in Childstar. Unfortunately, just like the trailer, there's only that little itty bit of Danny Huston's Marlow.

The horror thriller follows an Alaskan town that has to try to defend itself against a horde of vampires said to be the last of their kind. Unfortunately, they're in the middle of 30 days of night, so their wait for the sun to rise is just a wee bit longer -- and the vamps also don't seem to be affected by that whole home invitation thing, which makes things easier. The movie is an adaptation of Steve Niles' 30 Days of Night, a graphic novel that came out in 2003. Perhaps I, along with some others at Cinematical, are being overly optimistic, but this is looking like one great flick. I never really minded Hartnett, and actually like him on occasion, and I don't see how you can go wrong with Foster and Huston as insidious baddies. My only regret: Melissa George would've made a great, mysterious female vamp -- her mysterious look was great in Mulholland.
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