Back when the 2007 Oscar nominees were announced, some films listed in the Best Picture category were accompanied by a note saying, "nominees to be determined." This was due to the Academy's difficulty in figuring out which producers of The Departed and Little Miss Sunshinewould actually be qualified and named as primary producers of their respective films. Since 2000, the Academy has had a rule stating that at maximum only three producers could be handed trophies when the Best Picture was named. Because of the controversy regarding this year's producing credits, the Academy has now made some changes to the rule. Now, in "rare and extraordinary" circumstances, a fourth producer may be named as a Best Picture nominee.

The Academy altered a few other rules, which will also take effect for the 2008 Oscars. One rule is that for an animated film to be eligible for Best Animated Feature, it has to run at least 70 minutes, must be at least 75% completely animated, a significant amount of characters must be animated and those characters and all other animated sequences must be created using frame-by-frame techniques. For this change, I'm not sure what film the Academy is responding to specifically, but the report claims the rule is being more defined because we're in an age of changing technology. The third rule amended is for the Best Art Direction category. Before, only one production designer and only one set director was named, though in rare cases two set directors could be named (as in this year's nomination for The Good Shepherd). Now the rule is that either two production designers or two set directors -- but not both -- can be nominated (if two of one, only one of the other, whichever the mix).