Anyone who has seen the masterful Black Book knows that Carice van Houten is destined for major, lasting stardom, and Hollywood seems to be catching on quickly. We've been hearing rumors for a while now that van Houten is in consideration for the female lead in the next James Bond adventure, but if Eva Green's casting timetable is any guide, the deal could potentially go unannounced for another eight months, if it happens. Still, van Houten isn't cooling her heels -- after recently signing on for an indie project about South African poet Ingrid Jonker, she's now landed a role in a major Hollywood production. She's signed on toBryan Singer'sValkyrie, presumably as Nina von Stauffenberg, the 30 year-old wife of Tom Cruise's character, a German general who plots to assassinate Hitler. In leaked excerpts from the script online, Nina von Stauffenberg is described only as a "beautiful, dignified" woman. The stock in this project just skyrocketed, in my opinion.

Valkyrie is ramping up shooting in July, and is expected to be wrapped well before 2008 -- I think Bryan Singer is required to be available for Superman by February or March. Also, as I previously mentioned, the Jonker biopic is lensing around Europe and will undoubtedly be a quick shoot, not some drawn out, protracted thing, so van Houten's commitments have not yet put her out of the running for Bond. Heads up, Barbara Broccoli -- her price isn't getting any lower. Complete the deal now, so that you can have the next Garbo in your Bond film.

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