Talk about one of the busiest men in Hollywood as of late, David Goyer has decided to drop the comic book characters for the moment and move onto what is, essentially, a sequel to the H.G. wells classic The Invisible Man. Forget about the fact that he just directed a flick called The Invisible (about a kid who dies and realizes he's invisible to those around him), it appears Goyer's Invisible Man will go in a different direction from Wells' book, with the only connection being that the main character is a nephew of the original Invisible Man. Plot will revolve around this nephew who, after discovering his uncle's invisible formula, is recruited by British intelligence agency MI5 during World War II.

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment will be behind this one, with Brian Grazer producing. Goyer will write and direct the film, saying "I've always been a fan of the original H.G. Wells book as well as the Universal film and felt the property was ripe for reimagining." Honestly, I think Goyer is just a fan of characters who turn invisible. Apart from this project, Goyer is also tapped to write and direct the X-Men spin off Magneto, as well as help Justin Marx write the Green Arrow flick Supermax. No word on who they'd get to play the invisible man, but with Grazer and Goyer involved I'd imagine they'll be going after some A-list talent (as long as it's not Chevy Chase, I'm down). While Goyer is a tremendous writer, his directorial efforts haven't exactly been homeruns. But I dig the guy, so here's hoping this next venture doesn't suffer the same fate as its character and simply disappear into the background.

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