The subject of mail-order brides could make a decent Hollywood romantic comedy. But thanks to the disappointing box office of Birthday Girl, which was especially surprising given the film stars Nicole Kidman, I'm sure that no big studios are interested in the idea. One U.S. producer, though, is banking on the chance audiences may still go for the concept. Diane Nabatoff (Narc) has made a deal to remake the French film You Are So Handsome(aka You Are So Beautiful -- the original title is Je Vous Trouve Très Beau). The little film, which was a sleeper hit in France and which played the 2006 Seattle International Film Festival, starred Michel Blanc as a widowed farmer who purchases a new bride to help out with the chores. If you understand French -- or even if you don't, I guess -- you can check out the film's trailer and see if you'd like to see an American version.

In some ways the pic looks similar to one of my favorite films of last year, Sweet Land. It also seems a little like an older film I didn't see, but which was also produced by Nabatoff, titled Holy Matrimony. However, neither of those films were specifically about mail-order brides, and neither of them made a lot of money. Other recent mail-order bride movies that nobody saw include Mail Order Wife (interesting tidbit: this was made by Cherry Road Films, which is also making Joe Carnahan's White Jazz, which Nabatoff is producing) and Mail Order Bride, which stars Danny Aiello. Hopefully, at least for Nabatoff's sake, this remake will be much more popular.
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