Chew on this:
  • The last time I mentionedMargot Kidder, LiLo was in talks to take a role in her Dante Tomaselli horror film, The Ocean. Now the ex-Lois Lane is going to star in a thriller called The Box Collector. The project is being helmed by John Daly, who last directed The Aryan Couple, but is better-known for his role as executive producer on huge films like Platoon and The Terminator. The movie is about "a brooding young artist who falls for a flirtatious young divorcee, despite his overprotective mother's increasingly crazed efforts to halt any relationship." Pesky mothers, but I have to say, this sounds more like a romcom than a thriller. I imagine Kidder is the crazy mom, and perhaps co-star Noah Segan (Brick) is the kid and Michael Bowen (Kill Bill: Vol. 1) is the dad? The last two on the docket are European, which probably means this is the girl in question -- Belgium newcomer Lyne Renee, with Dutch actor Victor Low playing her ex. The movie will start shooting next week in Manitoba, Canada.
  • There's a fun little interview over at TOMB with one of the flamboyant players of John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus -- Justin Bond, who played the mistress of the "salon for the gifted and challenged." Besides the stint on the infamous orgy film, Bond's cabaret duo, Kiki and Herb, got a Tony nod this year. He speaks of the nomination, and of course, his time as the mistress and just what that orgy scene was like: "I could have joined in the scene, like John did, but I didn't really feel like it. And after you're in the room with all those bodies for a couple of hours under the lights, the smell isn't really that appealing." Hours of sweaty, smelly orgies -- some people are so dedicated to their work. Or they just really, really like each other -- Bond says that the Shortbus crew became a close group and play wiffleball in the park on Sundays. Will this be part 2 -- Wifflebus?
  • The latest duo to hit the indie scene -- Barbara Hershey and Ron Perlman. Variety has reported that both are starring in Vacuuming the Cat, which is, and I quote, the story of "a young man who, after suffering the death of his wife, goes tot he desert to build a porch for his aunt and meets a retired ex-cop who guides him through his grief toward acceptance." I assume the porch will be attached to a house, and not be of the Scrubs variety. Then again, this is a dramedy, so who knows? Kenny Golde is directing the script by Ted Henning, and Daniel Gillies, Irma P. Hall and Pat Crawford Brown are also on the cast list. Note: this is the second film both Hershey and Perlman share -- the first was Frogs for Snakes, a comedy thriller from the 90's.
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