I haven't seen any commenter on Cinematical wishing for John Cusack to appear in Watchmen, but apparently there are tons of fans elsewhere declaring that the actor would make a great Nite Owl. I can definitely see it, as well. Unfortunately, Zack Snyder, who is directing the graphic novel adaptation for Warner Bros., has pretty much confirmed the rumor that Patrick Wilson will be cast in the role (as well as the rumors about Keanu Reeves and Jude Law being offered significant parts, too). Well, if Snyder changes his mind -- or if the rumors aren't actually true -- then Cusack would be interested in donning the goggles and cape. Cusack told MTV that if the fans want him and the director wants him, then he's in.

In the interview, Cusack mentions that he loves the comic and also mentioned Rorschach as another character he could play (would he dye his hair red?). He humorously states that Warners might rather want Ashton Kutcher, though, because Cusack claims this is the kind of world he lives in. What a sad world to be in where Hollywood is more interested in Kutcher than Cusack! A few years ago, AICN reported that in Revolution Studios' version of Watchmen, Cusack had already been cast as Nite Owl (aka Dan Dreiberg). Of course, that wasn't true at the time, but in this era of great public communication, the fans could potentially make it happen. At least Snyder should think of Cusack for some part -- I haven't seen any Rorschach casting rumors yet -- if not Nite Owl. Even a cameo would make me happy -- how about as one of the lesser-used "masks", or as Hector Godfrey?

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