Last year, you might remember that Netflix teamed up with Alamo Drafthouse to sponsor Alamo's nationwide Rolling Roadshow Tour, in which movies played outdoors in significant venues around the country. For example, The Warriors was screened at Coney Island. I noticed that when Alamo's 2007 Rolling Roadshow Tour was announced last month, Netflix was entirely uninvolved, and I figured that the movie-rental company was no longer interested in outdoor screening events.

Happily for all of us, I was wrong. Turns out that Netflix is coordinating its own tour of movies around the country this year, this time in a series that blends films with concerts from actors in those films. The "Netflix Live! On Location" tour features three events that sound like fun. On June 21, you can watch The Big Easy in New Orleans and listen to the movie's co-star Dennis Quaid performing in concert with The Sharks beforehand. (If you listen carefully, you also can hear New Orleans natives mocking the leads' accents in the film, but it's a good movie despite that.) On July 15, The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and Michael) will play in Baltimore before a screening of Diner, arguably Kevin Bacon's breakout movie. And on August 2, the Bruce Willis Blues Band will rock the Kennedy Space Center before Armegeddon. Admission to all these film/concert events is free, although you have to pay for Kennedy Space Center admission if you go there. The events will be emceed by reporter-turned-actress Maria Menounos.
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