Not long ago, whenNo Country for Old Men debuted in Cannes, a few clips from the film hit the net. Ever since then, I've been dying to see more of this film (insanely jealous that our own James Rocchi had a chance to catch it months before it's set to hit theaters here). Well now I have something that's even better than those clips; I'm talking the first official trailer for a flick that might just put Joel and Ethan Coen back in the elite category they so desperately belong in. While I haven't been crazy about their last few movies, this one looks to be more along the lines of one of my favorite Coen Bros. films, Miller's Crossing. It's dark, it's dangerous and the dialogue is just spectacular. Already, I love the scene where Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) tells his wife Carla (Kelly Macdonald) that, if he doesn't come back, to tell his mother he loves her. So she goes, "But your mother is dead." To which he replies, "Well then I'll tell her myself." I love it!

And if Javier Bardem doesn't win some sort of award for creepiest villain of the year, then I'm going to have to go ahead and invent one just for him -- this dude is bad news. Never before have I been so scared of a character without having seen the film. And Tommy Lee Jones as the Sheriff? C'mon, the guy was born to play roles like these; in fact, in another life, I'm convinced Jones was some sort of law enforcement type in the Old West. Up on his horse, tougher than a can of nails -- that was so him. Based on the Cormac McCarthy novel, film revolves around a guy who stumbles across two dead guys and a bag of money. But once he takes that bag of money home, he opens up a whole new can of worms for himself and has to deal with folks like Javier Bardem who want the money back. Meanwhile, Tommy Lee Jones is on the case; using dirt, rocks and a cowboy hat to help solve this murder mystery. Due out in theaters November 21 (which is just too damn long to wait for this movie), I've attached the trailer (which premiered over on Anne Thompson's blog) after the jump. Enjoy.