We at Cinematical have had our share of feuds with publicists just like every other site, but we've always been on good terms with Fox publicist Tiffany Chen. I know her to be nothing less than a professional and someone who is responsive and helpful and a generally friendly person, and I was quite surprised to see the Chud.com post by Devin Faraci that accused her of acting unprofessional and rude at last night's Silver Surfer screening, which was by all accounts, a circus. Cinematical's managing editor Erik was there, and nearly walked out after having to sit next to a homeless person, among other things.

If you want the specific list of charges Devin hurls at Tiffany, you can read it here. Tiffany has chosen to release a response through us, which I'm going to begin quoting liberally from in a second, but first I just have to point out that this wouldn't be the first time Devin has gotten it wrong in the area of personal relations. I once went to a Fox Atomic event where, after a long night prior, I chose to sit quietly and sip some coffee and watch the proceedings. When I got home that night, several people pointed me to a similar rant by Devin that accused me of being unfriendly towards him. It ended with some kind of vague threat that I was going to be ostracized from the online film community because of it. I don't know what else to say about that.

Here is Tiffany, giving some background about last night's screening. "I am always really careful about RSVPs because I want to avoid situations like this. There is nothing worse than showing up for a screening/event and your name is not on the list. I read what Devin wrote on the site and the e-mail correspondance tells you exactly what happened. After I wrote back and told him about the screening, I asked him if he could make it with a guest. I got no reply that he was even coming -- with or without a guest. I send out dozens of invitations everyday and always need my contacts to reply back to let me know if they will be there. Most of them are really good about that, but sometimes people forget -- it happens. If I assume that everyone who received an invitation would be there, I would have a list three times as long. Carol Cundiff and Harvey Karten did send out invitations for this particular promo screening (not all-media) They always say that in order to attend, you must RSVP through me. This is especially why."

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