I can envision Danny DeVito as a lot of things. In his real life, he's rocked as an actor, producer, director and all-round performer. On film, he's been a crazy Martini in a Cuckoo's Nest, romanced a stone, was a ruthless person, spent time as Schwarzenegger's twin, threw his mom from a train and even kicked some butt as Oswald Cobblepot, a penguin-sort of fellow. However, what I wouldn't imagine, under any circumstance, is that he'd play a firefighter. According to Variety, the actor is going to star in an indie comedy called No Place Like Home.

The movie follows a fireman who has recently retired and hopes to live a quiet life -- but he can't because his his kids, who are twenty-something and unemployed, haven't moved out. His wife won't kick them out, so what does he do? He kidnaps her so that his kids have to take care of themselves. I can follow most of this. DeVito will be a natural in this sort of scenario -- but the firefighting thing is throwing me for a loop. I love the man, yet I can't help but giggle at the thought of him trying to hoist me onto his shoulder and carry me out of a burning building. But maybe I've just seen one-too-many beefcake firefighter calendars and movies with muscle-laden fire-folk. The movie was written by, and will also be helmed by, Sam Harper, whose previous writing credits include Just Married (eh) and Cheaper by the Dozen... and it's sequel (good God, no!). The film will go into production on August 1, so let's hope it's nothing like Cheaper.
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