The other day I got sucked into watching Election on cable, and I suddenly remembered what a fabulous high school-set dark comedy was supposed to look like. In my opinion, there hasn't been a film like it since; these days all we get is pain medication and kids attempting suicide. Mean Girls was definitely a step in the right direction, but even that doesn't come close to Tracy Flick's antics. However, there is one film on the horizon that's showing a little bit of promise, even though the latest casting news doesn't exactly whet my appetite. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Mischa Barton will star opposite Bruce Willis and his daughter Rumer Willis in the dark comedy The Sophomore for Yari Film Group.

When we first told you about this film it was being called Assassination of a High School President, but the title has since changed for obvious reasons (the words 'assassination' and 'high school' aren't allowed to be used in the same sentence these days, and for good reason). Pic, which is being labeled as a teenage take on Chinatown, revolves around a sophomore reporter (role not cast yet) who's persuaded by the most popular girl in school (Barton) to investigate the theft of SAT exams. Apparently, Bruce Willis will play a sadistic war veteran AND the school's principal. Meanwhile, the female Willis will take on the role of "school troublemaker." While I'm not crazy about Barton, I'm sure she'll have no problem playing some stuck-up popular chick, and the description of Bruce Willis' character alone has me interested. Will it fit into the same category as Election? I hope so. Brett Simon will direct, with principal photography beginning this August.

Ed. Note: Some initial plot descriptions were incorrect; I have since updated the information.

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