It's been one of those "holy grail" titles since the very first DVD player plopped off the assembly line. We got our Star Wars, our Raiders, and our Casablanca digital discs. Lawrence of Arabia has a great DVD package, and so do Gone with the Wind, The Seven Samurai and Citizen Kane. So why the hell did it take so long for The Monster Squad to hit DVD? I mean really. The flick made almost four million dollars in the summer of 1987, for cryin' out loud!

Over the last two decades, Fred Dekker's monster-laden kid-friendly adventure comedy has become a bona-fide cult classic of the highest order. (Right up there with The Wizard and Transformers: The Movie.) Wetold you when the DVD was announced, we filled you in on the extra goodies, and now (in preparation for the DVD's July 24 release date) we (with a little help from bring you the official DVD trailer for ... The Monster Squad!

Males between the ages of 25 and 40 should click here right freakin' now. And to those who've never seen the movie, all I can say is this: Imagine The Sandlot, only with ALL the classic Universal monsters. Yeah, that's The Monster Squad. Fun flick. Plus if it sells really well, maybe we can get Mr. Dekker's other mid-'80s genre classic released on DVD too. That's right: I want my Night of the Creeps. (P.S. Thanks to Lionsgate for finally reigning this title in!)
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