Looks like the mad genius known as Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer) is just now finishing up on his very first western. Yes, I said western. And if that's not enticingly strange enough, get this: Quentin Tarantino is the only American face amidst an entirely Japanese cast ... and the movie was made in English! What the...

According to Screen Daily, production has now wrapped on Miike's Sukiyaki Western: Django, which (according to the IMDb) takes place in the 1100s -- yet is still a western. The plot sounds a lot like the Yojimbo / A Fistful of Dollars tale, but hell. If Takashi Miike says he wants to make a western, then I'll be more than happy to sit down and watch it. In addition to Quentin Tarantino as "Ringo," the movie will also star Hideaki Ito, Koichi Sato and Kaori Momoi. The film's title is a reference to a movie character played by Franco Nero in a 1966 flick called ... Django!

Looks like Django will be hitting Japan in September. No word on a North American release date or distributor, but we'll be sure to let you know when something comes up. I mean ... Miike and Tarantino collaborating on a western? Sounds like fun to me.
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