I saw Hairspray last night, and really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of John Waters' original movie and I thought the Broadway musical was fantastic -- so I'm pleased to report that they don't mess up the material. Aside from the miscast John Travolta, giving a bizarre performance that has him looking like Miss Piggy and talking like Dr. Evil, the cast was exceptional. Newcomer Nikki Blonsky, a still gorgeous Michelle Pfieffer, and a surprisingly terrific James Marsden were standouts, and Christopher Walken easily stole the show. When I got home after the movie, I went on imdb to find out who played Seaweed J. Stubbs, one of the film's excellent young leads, and one of the few actors I didn't recognize in the film. Turns out it was Elijah Kelley, who has just been cast in New Line's Party Up.

Listed as an "urban comedy" (and when did the "urban" tag become socially acceptable? Strikes me as a little off-putting), Party Up will focus on "kids who set out to throw the biggest high school party ever, but their resourcefulness is tested when the party's location falls apart at the last minute." OK, so it's not the most original movie premise ever. New Line had a run of similar films in the 90s with the House Party series, starring rappers Kid n' Play. You know, the duo that was like Kriss Kross with an Eraserhead haircut? I recall loving the original House Party (wasn't as impressed with "The Pajama Jam," and I didn't see the third), so hopefully they can capture some of that film's vibe here. By the way, bonus points for anyone who can name me one Kid-N-Play song without the aid of Google. I've been wracking my brain here, and haven't come up with anything.

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