Back in January, I alerted you all to a short film that was going to screen at Sundance. The short in question, High Falls, stars real-life wonder-couple Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. Now, this isn't Lodge Kerrigan's film (In God's Hands) where the two actors met -- that negative bit the dust. This little feature was filmed while Gyllenhaal was rotundly pregnant. Now, all those months ago, Maggie was talking about what it was like to film the short about a married couple who tell their secrets to a mutual friend, rather than each other. She said if they plan to take on any work again in the future, they have to "make sure that the making of the movie will be good for us, because I'm not sure that the making of High Falls was."

While it sounds ominous and dark for the flick, the short is actually one of the brightest and best that I've seen. It's no stunning art achievement, although the shots are beautiful. It's no spectacular story, although the plot is great. It's just damned funny and well-played to the point that it seems natural and voyeuristic. The pair play a couple who have both done something they know will upset the other. I could tell you what it these deeds are, but to go in blind makes it all the better. Each tells their mutual friend (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) their secrets, and he practically bursts under the pressure. Although it's beautifully shot and laid out, the short feels like one of those hidden camera shows -- in all its quirky, comedic glory, you can buy the scenario. While it might have been a struggle for Ms. Gyllenhaal, it was well worth it for us audiences-at-large. Between this and his stint on SNL (the Sarsgaard SARS Guard) I think I'm ready to see anything he's in that's even remotely funny. If you've checked High Falls out, I'd love to hear what you think. If you haven't, take any opportunity to see it!
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