A couple of new posters for The Bourne Ultimatum have been released, and I like the hard edge they're going for. I've never read the Ludlum books, so I can't speak to how well the screen character measures up to the book Bourne, but I know that as far as the movies go, it's long past time for the 'confused Bourne' to give way to a Bourne that knows which end is up and can get into a full-scale war with those Treadstone guys led by Joan Allen. The buzz on this one is actually pretty good -- Paul Greengrass is back, as is Tony Gilroy, who scripted the first two films, and Tom Stoppard also had a hand in the script. As for Matt Damon, he's been going around saying that this will be the trilogy capper and there won't be any more Bourne films after it, so hopefully the series is going out with a bang.

The plot involves Bourne coming out of hiding once again to make contact with a journalist who has gotten wind of his story. The journalist has some info about Treadstone, and David Strathairn plays the bad guy who gets wind of this new development and doesn't like it one bit. Strathairn sends Pam Landy back into the fray to find Bourne and take him out. Julia Stiles is back for the third time, but I doubt she'll have a more significant role than she's had in the other two films. The film, which was shot in a large number of international locales, from Morocco to Spain to France to Germany, and all over the U.S., will be hitting theaters on August 3.