Oscar-nominated screenwriter Dan Futterman, who also acts and plays Daniel Pearl in the new film A Mighty Heart, was on hand for Friday's A Mighty Heart press junket in Manhattan, and talked about his upcoming projects. He said he's lined up Sarah Jessica Parker to star in and Lasse Hallstrom to direct his next film, Finn at the Blue Line. "I wrote a romantic comedy with my wife. It's called Finn at the Blue Line," Futterman said. "We have a really good actress, Sarah Jessica Parker. Lasse Hallstrom said he wants to direct it. We're gonna try to get people to actually write a check for it. Hopefully that will get going shortly." No plot description was given, but the project is also mentioned, along with Parker and Hallstrom's names, in the official press notes that were passed out at the junket.

Futterman also announced that he has been hired to adapt Jonathan Tropper's romantic comedy novel Everything Changes, which is about a guy whose long-lost father shows up and gets involved in his life again -- particularly his love life. As for Futterman's acting career, someone mentioned a story floating around that said he was going to be giving up acting. He clarified that, saying "I'm not feeling terribly ambitious about acting and going after things. I've been writing more and am a little more interested in doing that, but I mean, if something like this [A Mighty Heart] comes up, of course I would jump at the chance to act with and work with people like this in a project like this."

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