As I was watching the just-released trailer for August Rush on Moviefone, I thought to myself 'this seems a lot like one of those emotional fantasy films that Robin Williams used to make' ... and then Robin Williams showed up in the trailer. Guess I called that one. The film tells the story of two musicians, played by former IMF agents Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell, who get together and have a baby. Something then happens that causes them to actually lose the baby. The baby grows up into an orphan kid played by Freddie Highmore (Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) who inherits the natural musical talents of his parents. The fantasy part comes into play when the kid uses music to send out some kind of actual signal to his parents to come and find him, or something like that. And Robin Williams is dressed as a cowboy. Terrence Howard is also in the film, although after watching the trailer twice, I couldn't quite figure out what his role was. He seems to be giving people advice.

Nick Castle, who helmed Major Payne, Mr. Wrong, and Dennis the Menace has a screenwriting credit on this thing along with another writer, and it's being directed by Kristen Sheridan, whose last film was 2001's Disco Pigs. I'm actually a fan of both Russell and Rhys Meyers -- I think they can do good work when the material is there, so I'll probably check this one out. However, having not even seen the film, I'm advising them to seriously consider cutting down the Robin Williams cowboy shtick. That stuff has an expiration date of 1994. August Rush hits theaters not in August, but on October 19.