Columnist turned author Mitch Albom is about to add another title to his resumé: that of screenwriter. (OK, he adapted a few of his books for television but I'm talking about screenwriting) According to Variety, Adam Sandler's Happy Madison shingle has bought a baseball-related pitch from the author ... and yes, the project is being set up by Sony as a vehicle for Mr. Sandler. Because he hasn't done enough sports comedies yet. (Nothing against Sandler, but he hasn't made a funny movie since The Wedding Singer, if it's me you're asking.)

Described as a "comedy with emotional elements set in the world of baseball," the as-yet-untitled film will mark the very first collaboration between the author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tuesdays with Morrie and the star of Big Daddy, Little Nicky and Anger Management. Can't wait for those "emotional elements." If Click taught us anything, it's that Sandler and "emotional elements" are a really effective combination. For torture.

So let's take some bets: Who thinks the movie will be about an aging bench-player who gets one last shot at stardom? Or maybe it's about a harried dad who begrudgingly takes a job as his son's little league coach ... only to learn several valuable lessons. Oh, I know! A selfish superstar gets bopped on the head during batting practice and starts being really nice to everyone. Sandler + Albom + Baseball = This stuff writes itself.
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