I just danced a little Irish jig right here at my desk. In an interview over at MTVMoviesblog, Michael Chiklis discusses the "very real" possibility of a big-screen version of one of my favorite television shows -- The Shield. If you haven't seen The Shield (fool!), you may know Chiklis as The Thing from the Fantastic Four movies -- works that have received slightly less critical acclaim than the excellent FX drama. Says Chiklis, "Wow, there are a lot of questions about the potential of a Shield movie these days. I don't dismiss the possibility at all. I think it's potentially very real. It would all really depend on the idea. We are very, very protective of The Shield." And just as I'm in mid-jig, Chiklis clarifies: "I don't think The Shield will be a movie," he said of the series. "But I think that there's potential for Vic Mackey to be in a movie." Well. You lost me there, Chiklets.

I think Vic Mackey is a phenomenal character, and I love Chiklis' portrayal -- at times he is so intense it looks like he's going to pop a testicle. I would totally see a Vic Mackey movie ("This Christmas...Vic Mackey is Back - ey!"), but as a big fan of the show, I'd want to see all the other terrific supporting characters up there as well. What about Shane? Claudette? My absolute favorite -- Dutch? You wouldn't do The Simpsons Movie with just Homer! Also, if this does happen someday, it would be very wise of the producers to bring back Forest Whitaker as Kavanaugh. He was so insanely great on the show that this season felt lacking after his departure. A Kavanaugh/Mackey big-screen battle of the nutjobs -- now you got yourself a movie! If the film happens, it might just have to be a prequel -- in the cutthroat world of The Shield, Chiklis isn't even sure Mackey will live to see the finale. "It really depends on if he even survives this season. Because, with these writers, you don't really know. I don't think they even know yet how it's going to end ... but there's no question that it could go on."

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