I'm sad to say that some truly disappointing news was posted over at AICN this weekend. One of the site's readers sent in a review of Bruce Campbell's My Name is Bruce, as well as info from the post-feature discussion. It seems that during the Q&A, Campbell said that he is not involved in Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires, which Scott Weinbergposted about last year, and knows nothing about what is happening with it. Bubba Nosferatu without the man as Elvis. It sounds as ridiculous as saying Indiana Jones will be done without Harrison Ford, or Die Hard without Bruce Willis. But heck, at least with those movies, there's an entertaining story behind it. I'm not sure Bubba Ho-tep would be half as loved as it is now if it wasn't for Campbell and Ossie Davis.

Since Davis has passed away, the sequel is already one star short, but without Campbell... Who on earth could replace him? IMDb says the film will be a prequel that has Elvis running into a coven of she-vamps while filming a movie in Louisiana. Now, don't get me wrong. I loved Bubba. I went to see it the first moment I could once it finally got released. But I loved it because of the men who were in it -- Campbell and Davis made the movie with their immobile deterioration and wanna-be hero scheming. I can only hope that this means doom for the feature, or that it won't go forward unless Bruce does jump on-board. Because really, is there anything to the film once you take away the pecker boils, a black JFK and Bruce Campbell?

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