Who knew that toy companies had agents? This is what I wondered earlier this month whenVariety reported that Hasbro had switched from CAA to William Morris. Then, it was announced that the switch would lead to a live-action G.I. Joe movie and a "contemporizing" of brands such as Clue, Trivial Pursuit, Ouiji, Candy Land and Monopoly. We've already seen a great movie made out of one of those games (Clue) and the Ouiji board features in countless scary movies. Now there's word from Down Under (their source is the Sunday Times of London) that Monopoly will be made into a major motion picture, and it will actually be directed by the great Ridley Scott. Oh, and it may have a lot of big stars, as Hasbro has been promised by the agency that the movie will feature the cream of the crop of William Morris' talent. According to the article, Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst have already been offered roles. Hmmm, is today the Australian equivalent of April Fool's Day or something?

I don't doubt that Monopoly could be a movie, but I do wonder if it could be an entertaining one. Despite the fact that the game is the most popular board game in the world, it is also one of the most time-consuming, most unfinished (I'm guessing) and most boring (I'd much rather play Trivial Pursuit or Candy Land). I can only imagine that Monopoly: The Movie would be about 3 hours long and filled with non-cinematic scenes involving lengthy real estate deals. Maybe, just maybe, if they can get Wilfred Brimley as Uncle Pennybags and then adapt the thimble playing piece into cute a CGI character, then I would check it out, but otherwise I just don't see it being any good. Scott, who directed Alien and Blade Runner and Gladiator and Thelma and Louise, for goodness sakes, hopefully has too much else in the pipeline to bother with directing Monopoly (he might only be a producer on the thing), such as another collaboration with Russell Crowe, this one involving Robin Hood, called Nottingham. He also has on his plate Body of Lies (aka Penetration) with Leonardo DiCaprio, a thriller called Child 44and a western called Blood Meridian. His latest, American Gangster, opens this fall. I guess for a whole lot of money he could be wooed off these great projects for a board game adaptation, but he might want to make sure that money is real. It could be ...

[via Fark.com]
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