Yes, in case you're curious, I will only be writing about The Dark Knight today. And I apologize to those who are tired of hearing about the film, it's just there's so many juicy little nuggets hitting the internets that it's impossible for me to ignore. Brendon over at Filmick has received an email from someone who claims to be very close to the production, so much so that he's read the shooting script (or parts of it) and can confirm certain aspects of the film. Since Brendon told us to take all this with a grain of salt (he's still trying to get firm confirmation on whether this spy is legit), I'm going to tell you folks the same thing. Oh, and if you absolutely hate spoilers, then you might not want to read on.

According to the email, the biggest news is that Anthony Michael Hall (who we recently reported had been cast in the film) will be playing "a good guy named Mr. Edward Nygma." On the surface that doesn't mean a whole lot, but if you're at all familiar with the comics then you'll know that Edward Nygma is The Riddler. Could it be that Christopher Nolan is setting up a third film to feature both Two Face and The Riddler, just as Schumacher did for Batman Forever? If this info is correct, it would certainly appear that way.

The scooper also confirms that the private detective Jason Bard also plays a role in the sequel, and that he's introduced when a drug addict (selling the same type of chemicals that gave Scarecrow his powers in Batman Begins) is apprehended (no word yet on who is playing Bard). Now this could go one of two ways -- either it means the Scarecrow himself will once again make an appearance, or the rumors that have suggested he is in the film are confusing the part with the drugs -- meaning Scarecrow is gone, but his chemical mix has stayed to wreak havoc on Gotham City. Interesting stuff; make with it what you will. The Dark Knight (currently filming in Chicago) is set to be released on July 18, 2008.

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