In this day and age, nothing can be kept a secret for very long. But Paramount Pictures may have done a better job than most, as an anonymous source claims they are already producing an adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, and the first film is set to begin shooting this Friday with J.J. Abrams at the helm. (Ed: Yes, we know this is almost certainly nonsense, but it's still pretty funny.) This anonymous blogger claims to be signed on for multiple movies based on the fantasy series (his position is undisclosed). The blogger also claims the first adaptation is to have the biggest budget yet in Hollywood, and he says he doesn't know who has been cast as the lead. In his second post, put up on Saturday, he gives a very basic rundown of the shooting schedule for Friday and next week, most of which will be filmed outdoors on the Paramount lot.

Of course, if this was legit, it would be incredible news to fans of the books, fans of Abrams, and I guess fans of movies in general. Back in February, at the New York ComicCon, King announced the collaboration between he and Abrams for the project, but nothing was really said about when production on the film would begin, let alone that it would begin so soon. At the same time, IGN reported that Abrams was actually set to direct the adaptation and speculated that his secret Paramount project, titled Cloverleaf, was in fact The Dark Tower (there is no IMDb listing for a film called Cloverleaf). The blogger has already addressed the idea that people think he's a fake, but he insists that he is reporting the truth and that he has to be careful not to accidentally give away his identity because he signed a non-disclosure agreement. So, he has to be brief in details. He promises, though, that once shooting begins he will have photos up. Just in case he is legit, you may want to bookmark the blog now. Of course, if he's legit, I can't imagine it would be too hard for Paramount to figure out who he is and shut him down.
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