Hold onto your seats for the surprise of the century -- Diablo is becoming a movie! Not surprised? Yeah, me neither. There is not much to go on so far, but Legendary Pictures has Diablo listed in their "In Development" section. Don't bother clicking on the link just yet -- right now it just links back to the index page, so unfortunately, that's all the news that there is at the moment. The game centers on the town of Tristram, which is being attacked by demons. The player has to enter the underworld, fighting various monsters until he reaches the lair of Diablo to have a tea party kill him. The villain also has a bunch of history -- namely his quest to break free of his Soulstone prison -- that will probably come into play for the feature.

Can they pull it off? Well, this is the same company that brought us 300, and has got World of Warcraft in the works, as well as The Watchmen. On the bigger blockbuster realm, there's also The Dark Knight and Superman 2. In fact, most of their films are comic-based (Diablo's got comics as well), with a few heading into the video game genre, so I bet the powers that be at Legendary are scouring geek media for their next flick. Considering just how many video game movies have gone into development in the last few years, I wonder how long it will take these companies to completely exhaust the list of possibilities... and how long it takes for someone to decide that a teeny Prince who rolls things into a giant ball will make a good film.

[via Blue'sNews]

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