Barry Koltnow, over at the OC Register, has posted a little rant about Hollywood and the rampant cult of celebrity. He asks: "In the wake of everything that has happened recently with Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, is there anyone left on the planet who doesn't think that something is terribly wrong with this Hollywood?" To him, something must be done pronto, and his suggestion: "Baby boomers need to seize control of the culture... Without our help, they will continue to worship people like Paris Hilton. They will continue to wear baseball caps crooked. They will continue to turn up their sound systems at red lights to a decibel level that would embarrass Blue Cheer." Granted, this is coming from a blogger who writes a lot about Paris and celebrity, but it's still an interesting notion: how did this all come to be?

Did boomers really, step back, let what Koltnow calls "slackers" take over and run Hollywood into the ground? Could a boomer resurgence change things? As long as the internet and super-quick media exists, I'd say no, because really, I don't think the actions are changing, just the way and amount that we hear about them. There have always been questionable celebrity shenanigans and wildness. A few decades ago, it was Drew Barrymore, and many years before her -- Marilyn Monroe. I'd love a new standard of beauty, regardless of age, but doesn't our current standard come from the past? If skinny-lust was only a construct of this generation, Twiggy never would've became a widely-recognized name. What say you? Is this "a clear call to arms?" Should we "crush the youth culture and save the world," or are we continuing an ever-cycling desire for celebrity drama?

[via Arts Journal]
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