I still can't help but think of J.D from Heathers whenever I see Christian Slater. But, one glance at the poster for his latest, He Was A Quiet Man, and that sexy trench-coat wearing psychopath is long gone. He's replaced by a convincingly nebbish type clutching what looks to be a homemade bomb -- J.D would be proud. Now, the trailer for the slightly odd romantic drama has just popped up on the web. The story centers on the unassuming office drone (Slater) who stops a workplace shooting spree, only to move up the corporate ladder and find love with one of the victims. Also starring is William H. Macy, and Elisha Cuthbert as Slater's love interest. The role is a nice change for Cuthbert who has spent too much screen time with either Paris Hilton or a hook up her nose -- and I'm not sure which would be more painful. But, she seems to be branching out from her current horror fare with this film and the upcoming remake for the South Korean film My Sassy Girl.

Quiet Man was written and directed by Frank Cappello, who has a relatively short resume as a director. Unfortunately, I've had some experience with his work in the relatively cheesy cop thriller No Way Back, but anyone worried that this film will be a return to those roots only has to look at the trailer for reassurance. This film seems to be aiming for a vibe that is quirky with a capital Q. So far, a release date has not been announced, but now that the trailer is making the rounds, we should hear word soon.
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