I guess no one ever said James Bond was a master of disguise. The gentleman you see to the right of the picture, in the Panama Jack hat and sunglasses, is Daniel Craig. The two people he's walking with are long-time Bond series producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. And they're not walking down some cobble-stoned street in London, but in L.A., a stone's throw away from the Sony offices in Culver City. The picture, which was taken last week, was recently sent in to Bond website MI6. With Craig's crazy schedule these days, there was no way the Bond team would have gotten significant face-time with him unless he were being asked to come and personally approve a new director for you know what -- and today the Hollywood Reporter confirms it. Marc Forster has the gig.

The director of Finding Neverland, Stranger than Fiction and Monster's Ball, Forster was the most likely candidate for the job ever since a credible source claimed the offer had already been put to him. Also, he makes sense. He's well-respected and his movies do okay, but he's not an auteur who is going to come in and tell Barbara Broccoli which end is up. He'll stick to the script and try to make it sing. Sadly, my candidate, Anthony Minghella, got left out in the cold, which is really too bad. Minghella could have done great things with this one. He's a master of epic filmmaking -- the George Stevens of today -- and great with romance. He's also a writer, and could have put his own stamp on this thing without overwhelming it. And he really needs a hit. Oh well -- the director speculation is over now. We can go back to counting the minutes until Carice van Houten is confirmed.

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