According to a report from Arrow in the Head, Steve Miner's remake of Day of the Dead will be doing some reshoots before the film opens. Screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick told the folks at AITH that he will be working on the rewrites, but Miner may pen some of them as well. "I'm not sure when the movie's coming out," said Reddick. "I know they're doing some reshoots very soon ... and the production company, Nu Image, recently bought First Look ... so they're still strategizing on the release date. They're aiming for a fall release, but it depends on how quickly they get the reshoots done."

The knee-jerk reaction to this sort of announcement, whether warranted or not, often seems to be that the film is in trouble. Based on what I've been hearing about this remake, the thing was a disaster from day one. A vegetarian zombie? Puh-leeze. A little over a month ago Chris Ullrich reported here that there was an early review of the Day of the Dead remake over on Ain't It Cool News that had nothing good to say. Are a few reshoots going to be able to reanimate this flick's withering carcass? It seems unlikely.

Frankly, of George Romero's three original Dead films, I always thought Day was the most likely candidate for a successful remake. 1985's Day of the Dead, while having a few notable moments and some groundbreaking gore, was mostly a misfire. Budgetary problems forced Romero to scale down his story, the characters are one-dimensional and the acting is maddeningly wooden. The movie's strongest point was the idea of a small group of people who may well be the last surviving humans researching a cure to the zombie plague, but from what I've read these elements don't even figure into the remake. I can't help feeling that a golden opportunity has been wasted.
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