Wayyy back in 2005 it was reported that Jimmy Fallon would be starring opposite Jessica Alba in a big-screen version of I Dream of Jeannie, based off the popular television show from 1965. At the time, the thought of Alba running around in a genie outfit was pretty enticing, not to mention Fallon was a pretty popular guy. Well, whether it was because Bewitched bombed or because Fallon is no longer capable of drawing a big crowd, the dude told Howard Stern recently that he's no longer associated with the project. When Stern asked if he was still doing a film with Alba, Fallon said it's not happening and that his name should be removed from IMDb. As of right now, Alba's name is now gone from the IMDb page, which means the project is most definitely spending a lot of time in development hell.

And what is Fallon up to these days? Well, apparently NBC has signed him to replace Conan O'Brien -- only (and here's the kicker) there's no date set for the switch, so Fallon is being paid to simply wait it out. In the meantime, however, his contract does not allow him to host any other shows. Good news: Fallon won't be stumbling over his own words during an opening monologue anytime soon. Bad news: He'll have plenty of time to make up for it once Conan decides to bail. On the film front, Fallon just wrapped an indie flick called Rockett, where he starred opposite Sharon Stone, Tom Arnold and Lucy Liu. Other than that, his slate is completely blank -- which is kind of how my brain feels after watching Fallon perform in anything.

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