From the hardcore comic geeks to the general moviegoers -- everyone seems to have loved Batman Begins. Like, a lot. Which explains why we're writing little articles about next summer's sequel twice a day. The Dark Knight will bring back most of the cast from the first film (although Katie Holmes has been (thankfully) replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal) and offer up new additions like Heath Ledger as The Joker!

Over the last few weeks we've gotten reports on Batsuits, Batbikes and Bat-marketing galore, but our pal JoBlo has an inside scoop from someone on the set! Visit the Emporium to read the full report (mild spoiler warning), but here's just a little snip to whet your appetite: "The Joker does not look as grotesque as he did in the photo on the harveydent site. He has long hair with green highlights in it, he was wearing a long purple jacket with a blue sport coat under it, purple gloves and I regret to say I forget the color of his pants. But anyways, he comes in shooting and people are being hurt and killed left and right, he's looking for Harvey Dent (his first line says so). As Joker is hitting people along the way (he's slapping extras!), comes in Batman in that new suit that was in Entertainment Weekly this week. They fight, it's all long and drawn out and during this, JOKER DOES HIS LAUGH."

Dang. As if I weren't already slobbering over the thought of Christopher Nolan's follow-up ... this article did the trick. I only hope I can remain somewhat spoiler-free before the flick hits theaters next July! If you've missed any of our recent Dark Knight coverage, please do click here, here and here. And here, here and here. (And here.) And here, here and here. That's it. And here.
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