I think just about everyone is desperate to drink from the Freaks and Geeks fountain -- if you had anything to do with that show back in the day, chances are there's a studio out there that wants to buy your ideas. Hey, I own the DVD box set and have tons of ideas -- does that count? John Francis Daly (who played one of the geeks) has become the latest F&G veteran to join the party; according to the Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has acquired a spec script he wrote along with Jonathan Goldstein called The $40,000 Man. No, it's not about the trials and tribulations of living on a measly $40,000 salary in New York City (although there are some who somehow survive on a lot less) -- this script is in the vein of The Six Million Dollar Man, only the dude is worth a lot less.

Basically, when a legendary astronaut is severely hurt in a car crash, the government offers to rebuild him to be a bionic man ... only they can only spare $40,000. Seeing as one finger probably costs a few hundred grand, I imagine our heroic space traveler will end up looking like one helluva f**ked up science project. Chris Bender and JC Spink will produce the project, which marks the first feature writing gig for Daley (who also appeared on something called Kitchen Confidential). The idea certainly has some legs (I can see there being a part when it's time to be with a woman and those parts weren't exactly paid for in full), but it could become tiring after awhile unless they consistently keep the jokes fresh. No word on whether Daley would have a role in the film; his character on F&G was always enjoyable, so I wouldn't mind seeing him again. And man, did he get tall.

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